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Current Services Offered


  • Menu planning

  • Dinner Preparation

  • Dinner Cooking

  • Storing dinner meals in appropriate containers

  • Preparing freezable meals for use at later dates when busy

  • Kitchen clean up after meal prep

  • Wash and dry dishes as needed and store

  • Lunch preparation

  • Lunch cooking

  • Storing lunches in single daily portions for ease

  • Children's meal preparation

  • Snack preparation (cut up vegetables/fruits or store crackers/nuts etc. in bags)

  • Preparing baby purees and storage

  • Preparing stock/broth for later use

  • Online Grocery shopping


  • Wash load, one cycle

  • Dry load, one cycle

  • Line Dry

  • Fold or Hang

  • Store in appropriate closets or drawers

Family Meal

Coming Soon!

Services we will be adding on as the workforce shortage improves and our team is built back up!


  • Drop off or pick up dry cleaning

  • Pick up medication refills

  • Donation drop off

  • UPS/FedEx drop off or pick up

  • Post office pickup or send off mail

  • In store returns

  • Grocery shopping


  • Change sheets/ make beds

  • Straightening up clutter- toys in bins, dishes in dishwasher, neat piles of papers etc.

  • Emptying dishwasher

  • Full or partial home cleanings


  • Organizing pantries

  • Cabinets/Drawers

  • Closets

  • Dressers

  • Toy chests

  • Book shelves

  • Pulling children's clothing that the child has outgrown from the drawers and storing, then replacing with the proper size

  • Organize family photos or scan photos to appropriate folder on computer

  • Organize files or papers

  • Label children’s clothing or dishes for school or camp


  • Seasonal decorating

  • Gift wrapping

  • Water houseplants

  • Pack gym bag

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